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    I’m determined to make it easier for all you novice cooks out there to ROCK your kitchens, so here’s the next in my “cooking terms” series for the Personal Chef Approach YouTube channel. Now you know how to dredge, it’s time to move onto sautéing!

    Sauté is just a fancy way of saying heat a little bit of fat in a shallow pan to cook your protein or vegetables quickly over a high heat. It’s one of the easiest and most used cooking techniques to have in your growing arsenal of skills. I promise you, cooking is not rocket science – you can master any of my recipes (after all, I’m self-taught too). Every ingredient you will need is listed right there in the ingredient section, and step by step directions follow. If you can read, you can cook! The key to success is in reading through every recipe thoroughly before you begin, getting all your ingredients ready, and cook! Subscribe and bookmark my YouTube channel for easy access to more cooking terms to refer to, and watch me make some of… Keep Reading »

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