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    I’ve decided it’s high time for some serious R&R. It’s not just a luxury, I consider it an investment in overall physical, emotional, and creative health! It’s been too long since I flopped on a beach, unwound with a little yoga and some medication, swam until my hearts content, and fallen asleep to the sound of the surf. Like anything else I do, I throw myself into it completely – I’m obsessed with finding the perfect locale for my sojourn (so much so, I’m surfing the net into the wee hours doing my research). While I continue my quest – here’s a fun blog post from a trip to London 5 years ago…

    Yesterday’s fish-n-chip wrapper

    When my ex was a little boy you were literally served fish ‘n’ chips wrapped in old newspapers. So, whenever something unflattering would appear in the press, Nick would shrug it of with “today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chips wrapper.”

    However, in the late 1980′s newspapers were deemed too unsanitary, so fish-n- chips are more boringly served in ordinary paper today.

    Costa’s Fish Restaurant &… Keep Reading »

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